Thurla Farms is a diverse holding with the majority of its value associated with existing and potential horticultural land. The property is located in the Sunraysia region of North West Victoria, approximately 25km South of Mildura and 9.5km south west of Red Cliffs. Mildura is the commercial centre of the Sunraysia Region and is surrounded and supported by a network of satellite towns, including Merbein, Irymple and Red Cliffs in Victoria and the New South Wales towns of Buronga, Gol Gol, Dareton and Wentworth.
The region’s population is in excess 50,000, with substantial infrastructure in place.
• It is a major freight gate for Freight Victoria and is linked by rail to the Ports of Melbourne, Geelong and Portland. Both road and rail systems offer refrigerated transport and perishable goods may also be air freighted to Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

•It is the third largest transport distribution centre in Victoria, providing an integral link between the 3 capital cities. 70% of produce transported is bound for export.

• The regions water & power supplies are constantly being modified to more efficiently meet sustainable economic demands. A fully underground inter connector cable is being established linking the Victorian and South Australian electricity grids, which will enable power to be delivered from South Australia, Victoria and NSW and the Snowy River generation into either South Australia or Victoria.

• The city boasts one of the biggest provincial airports within Australia.

• It has a significant range of research facilities and private sector organisations supporting horticultural development, including a strong horticultural nursery sector.

• Natural gas is available within the city and passes this property, providing reasonably priced
energy to the manufacturing sector.

• Fruit and vegetable production are the most significant industries of the region, producing over 80% of Victoria’s total grape production and the majority of Victoria’s citrus fruit.

Access to Thurla Farms is via either the Millewa Road or Benetook Avenue. Millewa Road is a major bitumen sealed Category 1 road, which runs off the Calder Highway just south of Red Cliffs while Benetook Avenue, to the intersection with Millewa Road, is also bitumen sealed, but other roads in the area are mainly gravelled surface. Between Crown Allotments 54 & 512, Benetook Avenue is a survey road only.
Mildura’s temperate climate attracts many local and interstate visitors, with an annual mean temperature of 16.9 and an average rainfall of 292.1mm per annum.

Thurla Industrial Park has been strategically developed as a dedicated industrial precinct, providing industrial businesses the opportunity to be located within a non-urban location, minimising impacts to surrounding neighbours, but with the added bonus of being a short drive to other commercial and retail facilities, and residential accommodations ...more
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Thurla Farms Overview
A snapshot of Thurla Farms & the region
Thurla Farms
R.M.B 150 Red Cliffs,
Victoria, 3496, Australia.
Ph: +61 (0)3 50241203
Fax: +61 (0)3 50242285


Property Details
2,974 hectares 7,348 acres (approximately)

Title Details
Thurla Farms
Lot 1 TP217751F,
CA 54, Parish of Ginquam,
Allotment 13, parish of Yatpool,
Lot A on Plan of Subdivision 603876
Lot 2 on Plan of Subdivision 603876
Total area: 2,902.7 HA(7,172.57acres)
Industrial land
Lots 1, on Plan of Subdivision 603876
Total Area: 68.9HA(170.25acres)
Land Use
By income classification the property is predominantly an irrigated horticultural holding, with the balance of the Rural zoned land used for dry land and irrigated cereal cropping. 68.9 hectares (170.25acres) have been approved for Industrial Development. With ridges trending east-west this land is described as gently undulating country and comprises loamy soils, with heavier soils in the swales. The majority of land has been soil tested for horticultural suitability and an estimated 70-75% is recoverable for various crop types and is cleared and arable. Soil survey maps are available.

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