Global Marketing of the Mighty Australian Murray Cod

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Murray Gold Australia:
Located 10km west of Red Cliffs in north western Victoria is Thurla farms, a diversified property of 10,000 acres comprising broad acre dry
land farming, horticulture, viticulture and aquaculture.

The Beasley family have developed an aquaculture business at the property which has resulted in significant improvements in the
production of Murray Cod grown in farm dams.

“Murray Gold” was established as a Proprietary Company to manage the marketing of Murray Cod produced by growers contracted to
Murray Gold.

The business provides an opportunity for investors to enter the aquaculture industry, either as a producer, or an investor in Murray Gold
and companies.
History of Thurla Farms
The Beasley family own Thurla Farm, which is a diversified 10,000 acre property 10km west of Red Cliffs in north western Victoria.
Col Beasley and his family have extensive experience in the areas of broad acre farming, viticulture, horticulture and animal production. 
During the development of these large primary production enterprises, the Beasley family has sourced a range of contacts within
Federal, State and Local Government.
Murray Gold
Murray Gold is an Aquaculture Company which aims to provide a vehicle that will unite the freshwater aquaculture industry.  This
includes marketing all fish under one banner to provide a consistent marketing message resulting in growth and price stability.

Murray Gold is a Proprietary Company set up by the Beasley family to co-invest in critical research for the future development of the
industry including genetic improvement and Best Management Practice for production in multi water use systems.

Murray Gold works closely with the Rural Development Victoria program which assists Victorian innovations move towards
Our vision

To grow and supply high volumes of top quality fish for Australian and global markets.  Murray Gold’s initial focus will be on the
production of Murray Cod.  Other species such as Silver Perch, Golden Perch and Trout will be trialed and evaluated.

Murray Gold has a production target of 1,000 tonnes within the next 12-48 months and 5,000 tonnes within 6 years.

Murray Gold Key Objectives
· To provide a constant supply of high quality fish to our markets
In order to supply a continuous supply of high quality fish, Murray Gold are seeking expressions of interest from various partners to
become a contracted Grower.  This includes purchasing the Cageways system.  In return Murray Gold will provide the fish growing
protocols, knowledge and expertise.  Murray Gold will also provide:
· consumables (feed)
· chemicals,
· professional services,
· packaging, and
· landing nets

This should provide cost savings to producers due to discounts available to Murray Gold for bulk purchases.

Growers will be provided with a fixed price supply contract.
· To build and maintain our reputation as a supplier of high quality fish
Investment to Date
Investment by Murray Gold/the Beasley Family to date includes:
· Product development
· Product testing
· Production systems
· Quality assurance
· Business systems
· Market development
· Farming partner strategies
Murray Gold Business Structure
The Beasley family has an extensive farming and business background.

The current Management Structure of the business includes:

Col Beasley - General Manager
Travis Beasley - Fish Project Manager and Liaison Officer
Brad Beasley - Fish Operations manager

The Beasley family also currently employ 14 permanent staff who assists in the running of other aspects of the primary production
Selective Breeding Process (SBP)
The Selective Breeding Program has been developed in conjunction with the DPI’s “Our Rural lands” project.

Murray Gold believe that the SBP is essential to provide a market advantage and also provides an ongoing breeding
program to allow improvement in the quality and supply of fingerlings.

Government has spent 8 years and 3.4 million on the selective breeding program which MG gold purchased in 2009.
The program is based on other selective breeding programs around the world. These programs have seen increases in
growth of up to 50 % and increases in disease resistance and other favorable traits. In the 2009 season the first fish
bred as selected for growth was produced and are being commercially grown in the Thurla farms systems. 

Murray Gold also have their own broodstock for their own breeding program which can be used to provide a
restocking program for Victorian fisheries.

The program is at present is being run at 2 places, Thurla and Snobs creek with the intention over the next 12-18
months to have the full program at Murray gold.
Our prospective purpose built facility’s located at Thurla industrial park, will include 2 laboratory’s for scientists R+D
work, spawning and education.
A training facility for aquaculture training.
A storage facility for feed and consumables.
A recirculation system too house 1400 selective breed fish a system for hatchery and a grow out system.
A processing room for fish.
A number of offices for admin, marketing dept., and meeting rooms.
We have purchased the industrial land zoning 1 and are in process of putting permits through council to start building
the facility.
Company Activities
Contracts for external growers
· Fingerling
· Advanced stockers
· Sale fish
Buys and sell feed and aquaculture products
Australian agent for Cageways grow out systems
· Feed
· Chemicals antibiotics, formalin, Hydrogen peroxide
· Salt
· Landing Nets
· Harvest Boxes
· Feeders
· Monitoring equipment
Selective breeding program
· Owns and controls selective breeding program
· Operates R+D programs
· Native Fish. ie. Other species
Markets all fish with the trademark “Murray Gold Australia”
Owns IP involved
Controls and distributes any contract for purchase of fish from selective breeding program
· Protocols
· QA
· Quarantine
Controls pricing of fish and marketing
Responsible for payments
· Growers
· Distribution of dividends to stakeholders
Has the responsibility to negotiate with the northern hatchery with the DPI
Develop market strategies
Develop business strategies
Education and training of new and existing people into the industry
Try to effect insurances
Potential Key Stakeholders
Murray Gold have held discussions with numerous organisations and individuals including those involved in the advanced stocker
industry, fish markets, horticultural industry, Murray Cod Hatcheries, government and other aquaculture industries.
The Aquaculture Industry
The global aquaculture industry is valued at US$60 Billon dollars per annum. 

Fish produced in commercial aquaculture enterprises has grown from a market share of 3.9% in 1970 to 30% in 2002.  The United
Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has predicted that by 2030 aquaculture will need to provide more than 50% of all fish
supplies due to the depletion of wild fish stocks. 
There are proven markets for large export and domestic supplies of high quality Murray Cod produced through aquaculture as
commercial wild catch fishing and sales are prohibited.
Market Analysis

Through contacts with the DPI and Austrade, the Beasley family toured Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines on a marketing
mission with extremely encouraging feedback.

The Murray Gold trademark was introduced with the aim of removing the stigma of Murray Cod previously sold locally and on the
export market.  The Murray Gold trademark also removes the name “cod” which is often perceived in Asian countries as a low value
saltwater fish.  

Market research also clearly indicated that successful aquaculture businesses must provide a continuity of supply of high quality fish. 

Murray Gold have prospective large export markets into Asia.

With continued work with DPI Victoria, market development and acceptance has been overwhelming.  Both the DPI trial fish and
Murray Gold commercial fish are already being sold to the Asian markets along with regular sales to domestic restaurants and
The point of difference

Murray Gold Cod are grown naturally in conditions similar to their natural environment.
The product will be a superior fish to that available at present. 

Currently the majority of Murray Cod are grown in Reticulated Aquaculture Systems.  This results in production of fish with an
unnatural skin colour. 

Market feedback from Murray Gold samples to date has indicated that the Murray Gold product is unrivalled in terms of taste, skin
colour and presentation.  The response to the samples was overwhelmingly positive and all have indicated that they will purchase
fish as soon as supply is available.

Current sales into the local restaurants and retail outlets supply is consistent and high returns are being achieved.

Murray Gold have commenced discussions with a well known celebrity chef regarding a value added product range with a “ready to
cook” fish with special sauces.
Market Returns
Development Strategies undertaken by the DPI have resulted in the classification of dam-farmed Murray Cod as a premium product with
a better colour and taste, and therefore has the ability to supply the higher end restaurant trade in Asia.

Market returns range from $12 to $28 per kilo whole fish and $25 to $45 per kilo for fillets.
Risk Management
The risks include:
· Water availability
· Disease
· Water quality
· Fish health
· Fish size
· Fish growth rates
· Market collapse
· Birds
· Transport
· Power failure
· supply of fingerlings

Murray Gold has negotiated the rights to use large storage dams at Benetook.  These dams are part of the regions irrigation supply

Murray Gold is working with several partners to develop a Murray Cod Quality Assurance system.  The development of this system
scope includes procedures relating to:

· Processing and food safety
· Water management and testing,
· infrastructure protection and maintenance,
· disease and pest management,
· transport and shipping requirements, and
· General fish health procedures and testing.

Standby generators will be installed to overcome any issues relating to power failure.

Murray Gold have contacted a number of Murray Cod hatcheries and advanced stocker growers and are in the process of negotiating
supply contracts for upcoming seasons.  To provide surety of supply we plan to engage our own hatchery and advanced stocker
production to limit our risks of under supply in the future. It is to be noted that the use of outside hatcheries and production facilities
should be still used as part of the Risk Management Plan.
The Murray Cod Selective Breeding Program (SBP) will ensure a market advantage for Murray Gold Murray cod as the program has the
capability of breeding traits of commercial advantage eg. Increased growth rates, flesh quality and disease resistance etc.
Thurla Farms
R.M.B 150 Red Cliffs,
Victoria, 3496, Australia.
Ph: +61 (0)3 50241203
Fax: +61 (0)3 50242285


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In result to the work that resulted from the DPI the Beasley's designed a grow out system that accounted for the usage in the Australian environment and situations involving irrigation dams ...more
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