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Agronomist - Dale Wood
Aquaculture - Brad Beasley
Farm - Matt Stonehouse
Vineyard - Geoff Carter
Diploma of Agriculture, Diploma of production Horticulture, Diploma of Rural business management, Diploma of irrigation Col has had over 40 years farming experience and is the principal partner of Thurla Farms, which was purchased in 1980. This initial holding consisted of 7600 acres. Since that initial purchase, Col has been at the forefront of horticulture advancements and innovation. This innovation has seen him develop 700 acres of previously dry land farm into irrigated vineyards from 1995-2001. This development required the laying of over 8 kilometers of irrigation pipelines. Col further developed 400 acres of horticultural areas for melon growing, which required the building of large shedding facilities for packing and distribution.

Significant supply contracts where held with both Coles and Woolworths and Thurla Farms is still currently Woolworths registered with Woolworths Quality Assurance. Col enjoys a close relationship with the DPI, working on major research and development projects, including ‘Our Rural Landscape’ development with the Murray Cod industry over 4-5 years, and with the Murray Cod selective breeding program, acquiring full rights to the advance breeding program. Col has recently negotiated a 50 year rights contract to acquire the grey water outflows from the Sunraysia area of up to 6,000 mega litres per year. Col has also redeveloped 488 acres of farmland into a new industrial precinct.
A qualified diesel mechanical engineer, Travis managed the workshop and spare parts of a busy agricultural machinery business before coming to Thurla Farms. Travis has extensive managing and market experience as well as staff management experience gained in supervising up to 50 employees at a time in the pack house.

Travis is involved in all areas of Thurla Farms as well as in vineyard, hay and cereal grain contracting. He has been at the forefront of Thurla Farms’ Quality assurance implementation and adherence as well as in the budgeting and forecast side of the business.
Larry began working for Thurla Farms in July 2007 after spending 3 years working in a family partnership running a grape property. Born and raised in the local area, upon completing year 12, he undertook a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) Degree at La Trobe University College of Northern Victoria, Bendigo Campus, graduating in 1994. His accounting career began in a small country town called Numurkah, which is about 30km north of Shepparton. He spent about 4 years there at two different taxation firms before returning home to Red Cliffs.

Upon returning home, He took a brief break from accounting to help out on my parents grape fruit property, before resuming my career in the year 2000 with TASS Accountants & Advisers, just as the GST was being introduced. He spent a further 2 years there before leaving Public practice to become an in-house Accountant at Roms & Rams Computers. He worked there for a year before going into the family partnership.
Dale has had over 15 years experience in the horticulture/agriculture industry. Having previously worked in a 1200 ha winegrape vineyard, providing agronomy services, as well as developing and implementing efficient and innovative management practices, Dale has developed the skills to effectively take control of all our agronomy requirements including irrigation, fertilisation and pest and weed control.

He has been able to use this experience to schedule irrigations based on the use of Enviroscans and ‘in-field’ observations and the design and implementation of spray programs through pest and disease monitoring.
The head of our aquaculture division, Brad has spent the majority of his working life here at Thurla Farms and is therefore well versed in all areas of the farming enterprise. He was the field manager during our rockmelon and watermelon growing years and is now running our aquaculture division.

Having been an integral part of the design and setup our Recirculated Aquaculture System (RAS), Brad has taken this knowledge further and used it to help in the design and implementation of our patented ‘Cageways’ growout modules for open water fishing.
Matt has been with Thurla Farms for 11 years and has had 14 years experience in the agriculture and horticulture industries.
Having been exposed to both irrigated and dry land farming, Matt has the developed the skills to identify and correct any soil deficiencies, identify and treat pests and diseases on plants, install and operate irrigation and drainage systems, plan and manage the production and marketing of crops from soil preparation to harvest while  taking into account environmental and market factors.

He is able to select and plant seeds, plan activities to minimize environmental degradation, monitor the environmental effects of farming activities and repair existing damage through programs such as tree planting.
Born and raised on a vineyard, Geoff can boast of having 60 years of fruit growing experience, including owning and operating vineyards for 30 years.

Geoff started working for Thurla Farms after selling his fruit property in Red Cliffs and manages all aspects of Thurla Farms’ vineyard. Geoff is responsible for the irrigation, spray program, fertiliser program, harvesting logistics and pruning

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