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Cageways Australia:
The Beasley family have developed an aquaculture business at the property which has resulted in significant improvements in the
production of Murray Cod grown in farm dams.

“Cageways Australia” was established to manufacture and advance the aquaculture industry by producing grow out systems that are
designed for dam/open system aquaculture.

“Thurla Farms” provides the management and experienced staff for the production of Murray Cod and Provides four Cageways systems in
use at present and an indoor R.A.S systems to provide fry, fingerling grow out  and quarantine services.

The business provides an opportunity for investors to enter the aquaculture industry, either as a producer, or an investor in Murray Gold
and companies.
Aquaculture Development at Thurla Farms
Over the past six years the Beasley family have been involved in the development of a freshwater aquaculture enterprise.  This has
included developing and improving production processes eg. The design of effective commercial grow out systems.  The family identified
a competitive advantage and market opportunity to produce freshwater fish.  The production system uses a water resource already
developed for horticulture and viticulture and fish growing technology developed by CPI Victoria.
Cageways (production system)

Murray Gold has designed a modular Cageway aquaculture system.  This system was developed over a number of years in conjunction
with local (Global Rotomoulding) and a metropolitan business (Trymak). Fish production has commenced using these Cageway systems.
The Cageways system can be customised to each individual situation and being modular, can be added to as required.  The system
provides effective and improved fish management and handling techniques.  From introduction until harvest, direct handling of the fish is
not required which reduces stress on the fish, lower mortality rates, higher growth rates and increased profitability.

Compared to conventional aquaculture practices, the Cageways system requires significantly less labour input. 
Research and Development - Fish farming in inland storage dams

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) provided funding to Murray Gold under the “Our Rural Lands” project in 2003/04 to research
and develop the sustainability of fish farming in inland storage dams, integrated with horticulture. 

To date, research and development has addressed the following areas:
· Methods of farming fish and alternative production systems
· Growth rates of fish under various management systems
· Water quality monitoring and nutrient management  techniques
· Types of feed and the effect on fish growth rates and health
· Fish growth patterns using different water temperatures and water quality
· Biomass and stocking densities in different systems
· Full costing from set up to harvest
· Marketing outlook  with export and domestic and sustainability of markets
Being a Project partner, Murray Gold has received information and assistance throughout the project.  This has assisted in the
development a large database and skills set for Murray Gold to confidently move forward with the commercialization of the project and
lead the development of a new industry for Sunraysia, in the Murray basin.
Industry Support

DPI have one staff member based in Mildura, who services Mildura and Swan Hill.  The current focus is on monitoring water quality
issues to determine any aquaculture impacts on water quality and to provide data for stocking densities for the Thurla Farm dams to
assist with future planning.  DPI will continue to provide technical support for the development of the Murray Cod industry in North
West Victoria as part of the Future Farming Strategy.

Currently Thurla Farms has 4 cageway systems.
Cageways Australia manufactures and distributes custom made aquaculture grow out systems and associated supplies.

In result to the work that resulted from the Dpi the Beasley’s designed a grow out system that accounted for the usage in the Australian environment and situations involving irrigation dams

The Cageways modular system was designed and developed by the Beasley family over a number of years which revolutionizes the way any open water aquaculture can be done by using very low time input and ease to respond to disease or parasite.

The Cageways Modules ensure effective fish management and handling practices which will reduce stress on the fish which lowers mortality rates, and achieves higher growth rates and in turn increases profitability. Cageways Modules are a system that can be added to as required.

The Cageways Modules ensure that Murray Cod are kept off the floor of the dam, improving the quality and Flavour of the fish. This provides a significant point of differentiation and therefore the ability to extract premium prices from the marketplace.

The Cageways is run by staff of Thurla farms and employs local construction company for the engineering of the equipment and source components from local and national suppliers.

The modular system has had a lot of interest from overseas country’s i.e. Cambodia, Kuala Lumpa, Vietnam Philippines, all looking to purchase the IP or do a JV with this system in their countries.
Thurla Farms
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